In the media



"The soothing yet lively music of Robert and Cindy Leger feels like therapy you didn’t know you needed. The title of their debut album says it all: 'Enchantment.' .

"On 'Over the Rainbow' (on their website), Robert’s intro of mandolin notes resonating — yearning to be harp-like — sets up Cindy’s counterpoint and embellishes it with strums and trills: sublime."

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On a voyage


The editors at online magazine Voyage Phoenix recently visited with us and asked us to define success. Our answer: "Music is personal, touching each person’s soul in a different way. For us, success comes when we give someone a memorable experience – a kiss while we play for a couple, a smile or tear because a song evokes a memory.'

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One night only


""When Las Cruces Community Theatre decided to do a fundraiser to help pay for new stage curtains ... theatre board members called on a performer with deep roots in LCCT's history."

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Ultimate dream wedding


"Classical string music by Cindy and Robert Leger of Ocotillo Music established the perfect mix of romance, love and laid-back Arizona fun," is how Jetset magazine described our music at a "dream wedding" at the Scottsdale Airport.


Video here (hear us at the 2:15 mark).